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We carry out a full range of smart repairs in our Dundee work shop.

Smart repair is smart because it saves you money. Why pay to have whole body panels repaired for a single scuff, or have to order expensive replacement parts? Our range of services can tackle a wide range of common problems.

S.M.A.R.T is an acronym of 'Small Medium Area Repair Technique'.

At some point, most cars pick up damage of some sort. It's pretty much unavoidable. Dents and chips in you paintwork can significantly decrease the value of your car in themselves, but worst of all, any kind of break in the paintwork will eventually lead to rust. The prevention of corrosion is in it's self a solid reason to have damage seen too.

Chips & Scuff Repair specialist equipment, paint and clear coats, enable a trained technician to repair scratches, scuffs and paints chips, restoring bumpers and panels to their original condition including the textured finish. The repair process is applicable on either black or colour coded bumpers.

Plastic Welding Repair  range of specialist equipment and consumables enable a trained technician to repair splits, holes and general bumper damage in a fast and efficient manner thus allowing repair and not replace.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR ) specialist PDR bars, rods and multi flare tipped tools enable a PDR technician to remove small dings and dents without the need of using filler and paint.

Scratches and Chip Repair specially formulated repair system enable a technician to fill the scratch chip using a smoothing over technique. This technique will enhance the cosmetic appearance of a car.